Painful Periods: Cramps from the Get-Go & Cramps that Hit Later

Not So Private Parts

17-10-2023 • 53 mins

Listen in with Val and her mom, gynecologist Dr. Denise Elser-Poulos, as they discuss a phenomena all too familiar to many women (80% of women to be exact):
Painful Periods

Hear as listeners describe what painful periods feel like for them and ask their questions regarding what causes painful periods and what can be done to minimize the pain.

The two will walk through primary and secondary dysmenorrhea, or as the gals label it “cramps from the get-go” and “cramps that hit later”.

Dr. D breaks down some common causes of "cramps from the get-go" and "cramps that hit later" and what women can do to support themselves through the painful days of your cycle.

Special thanks to our listener who touched on their experiences: Grace, Carmen, Katie and Val V <3

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