Singapore Race Updates & Helmut Marko Update (The Night Race is Okay)

Performance Talk F1 Podcast

16-09-2023 • 50 mins

The Singapore GP is one of the most anticipated races throughout the calendar season. It's the only night race and the first Formula 1 night race. And, that hype quickly ends once the lights go out on Sunday. The excitement can be observed during FP sessions as lizards randomly obstruct the drivers on track. The views are awesome around the circuit. But, the hype lowers on race day. I'm not for removing Singapore. But, I'm not jumping up and down to keep it either. The Marina Bay Circuit does offer the photographers opportunity to snap some awesome pictures as the cars spark up the city streets.

Helmut Marko has received a small insignificant warning from the FIA. that's not doing much at all. Perez seems to be okay with being disrespected by Helmut. That's a damn shame. I'm sure proud people that support Perez don't care for that jelly fish reaction. But, it's his choice and says something about why we see what we see when Red Bull Racing do what they do to Perez.

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