Max Verstappen Fails in Singapore (Max Eliminated in Q2 While in The RB19)

Performance Talk F1 Podcast

17-09-2023 • 45 mins

What a surprise we all got during the early sessions of Singapore qualifying. Max Verstappen started to unravel and return to true Max Verstappen form as he was unable to adjust to the RB19 being slightly out of it's perfect setup window. This may indeed be an indictment on Max's ability to adjust to a car that not completely developed to his driving style.

Many have criticized Checo for under performing as the RB19 has developed away from him during the season. They have also used Checo's under performing to boost Max's performance. Well this week in Singapore, the F1 talking head DC decides to change direction. DC states that Max being eliminated in Q2 isn't so bad since his teammate Checo didn't make it either. Interesting!

Has he TD affected Red Bull Racing or is this just their consistent inability to adjust to the tyre challenges this season. Max has failed to collect pole positions during both ATA weekends and now during a Marina Bay circuit with environmental conditions that challenge the tyre strategy.

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