Floor Flex’n Swap (Ferrari Not Strong, McLaren Looking Sweet & RBR Back in Form)

Performance Talk F1 Podcast

26-09-2023 • 27 mins

The best of the rest is looking to be surely mixed. But, one thing for sure is! McLaren are the current popping Mercedes customer team. Lando & Oscar land some nice laps to put them on the podium radar.

Mercedes seem to be struggling again with this W14 and I'm not sure there's much hope for the W15 coming next season. But, there could be a resurgence.

Red Bull have floor swaps going on and finally issue both drivers the same floor. What kind of floor that is, is uncertain. What is certain, is we'll see some flyers from Max. What's not certain, is what we'll see from Perez.

Ferrari seem to be a bit weaker here in Japan, versus their showing in Singapore! That, just that!