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A Man's House | Amor Leaa, Daidadoll, & Kri (Klassy Kriations)
A Man's House | Amor Leaa, Daidadoll, & Kri (Klassy Kriations)
Amor Leaa & Daidadoll discuss the importance of loving yourself and some uncomfortable subjects that women might feel uncomfortable addressing. As part of this conversation, Kri from Klassy Kriations joins us to discuss the importance of her brand when it comes to motivating women who are struggling with self-motivation, self-love, and self-care. Also, what do women look for at a man's house when they get invited over for the first time.Time stamps (0:00;48) Mental Health Check In | Amor Leaa Why is loving yourself so significant? Weekends are not the only time to get pampered up to enjoy yourself.(0:02:41)Bad B*tches Link Up | Amor Leaa & DaidadollDid you ever receive unwanted penis photos? Are women really attracted to that or do men just do too much... (0:11:15)Amor Leaa | Daidadoll | Kri (Klassy Kriations)When it comes to gut feelings, do you trust them or ignore them? When a man cannot stimulate a woman mentally, is it appropriate for her to deny his sexual pleasures? The key to making something work with a woman is to stimulate the mind.  (0:20:48)Amor Leaa | Daidadoll | Kri (Klassy Kriations)If it's your first time going to a man's house, what's the experience like? Do you look for certain things around his house as a woman. From shower curtains and mats to bathroom soap dispensers, curtains, wall art, and other things. In what way can you tell if another woman is living there or has been there before?Follow us on instagram : AmorgasmAmor LeaCourtneyy Danyell Tee La'Nyce