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This is a podcast about making a change in our lives before it is too late. It’s not about how much money you have or use to make because even you can become homeless if you lose your job or health. How much would you pay for air, if it suddenly disappeared? Let’s not regret our choices and decisions. This podcast is designed to raise our spiritual and economic consciousness. We live in a competitive society, however, we continue to engage in inappropriate, nonsensical behavior, as it relates to our combined social, political, and economic abilities. We must overcome these hardships, created by our own government, over the past hundreds of years, which are based on individualism and collective greed, pitting one group against another.

How can a nation and group of people overconsume so much and exploit others to the extinct that it destroys itself and the world? This is definitely sociopathic behavior. This economic system of overconsumption and greed is reflected throughout our society and represented in our massive government debt which is unstable and unsustainable, reflected in constant depressions, recessions, and the failure to pay decent interest rates on savings accounts. It's called being morally bankrupt, in an irresponsible Democracy while the people sleepwalk with eyes wide open - Zombies, keeping the mind dark. This is the freedom to destroy your life through greed and living in the moment and not thinking about tomorrow until you crash and burn. On top of this, our government further divides and conquers In the form of police shootings, biased rates of incarceration, unstructured and poorly disciplined educational systems, ineffective religious and political leadership, and ineffective grassroots organizations within our communities that are purely reactive without direction. This frustration breeds community violence, further government and institutional red lining of undesirable communities which policies have intentionally created ghettos, gentrification, urbanization, and the list goes on.

The world we live in is being destroyed because people/citizens are being indoctrinated and unable to think clearly, producing dysfunctional children, who become dysfunctional adults, who think this is normal behavior. We must understand before it is too late, that we are not individuals but a collective unit. We share the same planet, air, water, and resources, so, therefore, together we must act responsibly or we shall all perish together. It’s just like going to the doctor who tells you if you only came to me a year ago. Let’s not wait until it's too late.

This podcast is to enable everyone to turn inward for a moment and become Mentors and Educators of themselves, their children, families, and the community. The dysfunctional mind will ask, Why should I care? Why? because too many of our children, and family members are being victimized by inappropriate self-destructive behavior. We are therefore unwittingly participating in our own gradual demise producing for whatever reason, more and more paupers and beggars, generation after generation, like quicksand, reflected through the increased rate of homelessness, poverty, and despair, in our homes and communities, constantly spiraling downward, while our so-called government is self-destructing, right before our eyes, but we refuse to see and/or are unable to see reality for what it is. This social movement is designed to be a cure for our indifference and apathy before it is too late.

Simply put, where there is no collective vision, the people are lost and perish without a purpose. If we are to become competitive, we must learn to use all that education we have amassed and begin to think rationally and strategically about creating our own doors to walk through. Just take a look at how the United States has historically treated its more vulnerable populations as evidenced by the current 10 worst cities in America and the current drug epidemic... read less


How To Idiot Proof Your LIFE
How To Idiot Proof Your LIFE
Every single child and adult person needs an education in Wealth Creation Management and NOT just in Consumerism-Financial Literacy, which is the process of learning just enough to be sold a product or service, NOT knowing if that product is a good fit for your overall financial portfolio. The salesperson doesn't even care if YOU can afford a product or service or NOT. See below the reason for the high level of bankruptcy filings. This includes buying a house as a status symbol ending up cash poor and having to sell shortly thereafter. YOU didn't have a Plan or Strategy, just an emotional impulse. Even if YOU are on Welfare, Disability, Social Security, or Living From Paycheck to Paycheck YOU still need to Learn How to Get and Keep Your Financial House in Order. Just think, what will happen if suddenly win the lottery. You won't learn this valuable information from your parents, Uncle Rufus, High School, College, Trade School, Prison, or even in your "I Got Common Sense State of Mind" where YOU know everything, about everything, which by the way is NOT Common Sense. Just take a look, this mindset has led to increasing Bankruptcy, Homelessness, and GENTRIFICATION and pulling money out of your 401K Investments before retirement. As the short story below will show YOU. Just because YOU make Money doesn't mean YOU know what to do with it other than spend more of it. YOU need to know how to manage money, in order to keep it and make it grow until needed at retirement and ideally leave a LEGACY for your children. It took me over 45 years to learn this information because it was my profession. Then realizing that I AM surrounded by people and a NEW Generation of, I Got to have it NOW, that is totally clueless and can't understand the importance of turning income into wealth and then, letting your wealth pay for your consumer needs, including buying your house. Combined with an Older Generation who doesn't care about leaving a Legacy, telling their children who are concerned. I'm NOT worried about it, YOU'LL handle it after I die because they think someone will try to trick them out of it, causing those left behind to become homeless and poverty-stricken. A vicious poverty cycle is occurring here. This is wrong for so many reasons, but this is how generational wealth is lost by being willingly ignorant, which is a mortal sin in itself. This program includes training yourself and your children in LEGACY Building. The lack of such knowledge is crucial because you only get one shot at LIFE to get it right. Unfortunately, this type of knowledge has NOT been made available to the masses (99%) and is especially troublesome for those descendants of slavery who were emancipated with nothing, which occurred only a couple of 80-year generations ago. This short time frame is well into the psychology of mental slavery. And NOT that long ago, just two 80-year-old grandparents ago. In particular, the offspring of these strong and resilient people who are still struggling to find their way out of poverty and despair, thinking Money alone is the measure of success! We are having growing pains and think we know something just because we have a few coins in our pockets causing us to become Indifferent to those around us and refuse to learn more than our previous Indoctrination. Who of YOU will end this Generational Curse of Poverty and Despair. This program is designed to cure both through Education and Economics. People know just enough to get into trouble and just enough to keep struggling to do the same thing over and over again, only doing the things they know or the new gimmick on the internet. People are addicted to gimmicks and short-term solutions because they don't ask YOU to put some work in on developing yourself. And as an Estate Planning Attorney with Degrees in Financial Management, Economics, and Investment Instruments and years of complementary experience. I have spent my entire professional career counseling and helping others to preserve their Estates and get them out of legal issues. Life is complicated and requires a certain skill set. No MORE Trial and Error and Graduating from the School of Hard Knocks upside the Head. Learn a different approach to the Creation, Accumulation, and Preservation of Wealth. Take some time to visit my website at and A 21st Century Ministry on How to Idiot-Proof Your LIFE, grounded in the Scriptures. God wants us to be prosperous and NOT be made fools of week after week and generation after generation. So, put your laziness and indifference aside and get involved in becoming your Best Self. YOU won't be disappointed when YOU do it! Read the story below, comment, and share, Let's get this party started in the Renewal of Our Minds. Isn't this what the scriptures tell us and your Pastor should teach YOU, if qualified. This is what a Pastor should be all about, NOT teaching YOU to keep your heads bowed and backs bent in subjugation. I AM interested in your eternal salvation but ALSO, in teaching YOU how to live a bountiful LIFE while here on EARTH, and your cup will overflow with goodness, grace, and mercy and as such, LIFE after Death will take care of itself because YOU were obedient to God's Word. In the beginning, was the Word that spoke YOU into existence! So, remember God Loves YOU, and if YOU Love Him; YOU will keep His Commandments. Learn the Right Way - The Way of Truth and Righteousness for His Name Sake and Yours! LIFE is NOT a Game and there are Rules and Consequences!Get Started by Checking Out my website at and spend some time. Relax and Exhale. YOU will be glad YOU didThe Rev. Dr. Claud A. Sinclair, Esq. at your Service!
FREE at Last; FREE at Last; Thank God Almighty; WE are FREE at Last!
FREE at Last; FREE at Last; Thank God Almighty; WE are FREE at Last!
My Weekly Podcast is on - Prosperity Radio: Yes We Can! A weekly podcast called PROSPERITY RADIO at, or at my broadcast page at This is where we discuss real issues which affect the individual and community as a whole. We discuss how each individual can make a difference in their own lives. This is my attempt to give back and do my part. My pro bono contribution, if you will. I know that we have enough smart professionals, graduates grassroots people of all sorts, that we can figure out a way to share their Time, Talents, and Treasures in a profitable way, through this Ministry, that allows us to reach back to help those less fortunate or energetic. This is that Program YOU have dreamt of. I have created a grassroots youth Ministry called Boots on the Ground where our young people will spread the GOOD NEWS and engage in tangible activities that will transform lives and communities into Spiritual and Economic Centers that train our children and promote Economic Excellence. I know YOU just can’t wait to enroll your family and friends. So, the purpose of this podcast is designed to be liberating and as well as healing. The knowledge that matters. Yes, We Can! So, I appreciate your positive support and constructive feedback. Listen, the missing ingredient in every movement is the failure to require the people themselves, to participate in their own personal growth and professional development [Liberation]. This is a Program of Self Study and Work. A Community Mentorship and Apprenticeship Program in appropriate moral and economic behavior. Does NOT the scriptures teach us, that Ye are gods? So, why have we given up our godship [Power] for "kibbles and bits"? We are abdicating our personal responsibility to ourselves and each other. How? Because YOU/WE have been led astray and refuse to do anything about it. The Temple of Inner Peace and Prosperity is a Ministry of Inner Perspective because YOU are the Temple and, as YOU should know by now, the Kingdom of Heaven resides within YOU. So, your "purpose" once again is to magnify your glory here on earth. This is your Test! This test is not measured by what comes out of your mouth, what someone else thinks of YOU, or misguided belief systems. Your salvation and Legacy are about your positive WORKS and the Legacy you create for future generations. This is your glory, and this is your earthly test to balance the scales of justice in your favor when you fall short at judgment. See Genesis 1:27-28. This is how you'll be accepted, ratified, and judged in the afterlife, NOT by mere Words. You'll learn more about this, but first, check out my websites at and See Orientation Course. Make sure to join my Face Book Group at Boardwalk Management and Investment Group. A company that helps YOU to manage your LIFE by investing a portion of your Time, Talents, and Treasures in your Own Personal Growth and Professional Development while learning to work with others in peace and harmony. Now every person can have a University Education in Higher Learning. Log onto the website and put in your Name and best email address and you will begin to receive information on how to proceed on your NEW journey in personal enlightenment and empowerment. Become a beacon of light in your own life and then, become a blessing and beacon to others. I have made it profitable for you to become a blessing to yourself and your fellow brother and sister. How! First, YOU can’t be a procrastinator and mentally lazy. I have made it possible through my vast knowledge of Business, Economics, and Law to create a program of educational empowerment that will once and for all, break the chains of mental and economic bondage within too many. This is a two-way Ministry, where blessings will flow both ways. At, visit Membership and read about the various membership levels in this "Each One - Teach One Ministry", also known as, "Earn While You Learn". I can't do much more than this, without your help, participation, and commitment. Pass the word and let this be the beginning of a tremendous movement FREE AT LAST, FREE AT LAST, THANK GOD ALMIGHTY, WE ARE FREE AT LAST. A message to all the people! And they all said together, Amen!
Prosperity Radio 020 - Once you learn the basics, be FLEXIBLE. - 4:11:18, 8.29 PM
Prosperity Radio 020 - Once you learn the basics, be FLEXIBLE. - 4:11:18, 8.29 PM
Any person, group, or organization should have a mission and a strategy to achieve it. This means that its members must not only be equipped for the task ahead but have the same vision for the future. Let me work with you to rebuild YOU from the ground up, by laying a proper foundation for your personal growth and development. The only barrier to success is your lack of preparation and humility in order to move together beyond individualism. Individualism is a dead-end journey. The people are the power when they learn to work together. but the people are not focused on the reality which faces them. The people's power has been usurped because they have been caught up in the distractions of materialism and visual stimulation. This Ministry focuses on your overall Personal Growth and Business Development by developing your Personal and Business, Critical Thinking Skills. Life is a cost-benefit analysis and since it is so short, YOU must maximize your potential early in LIFE. I know I have offended those of YOU who think they already know everything they need to know. I recall speaking to a young lady who was about 24 years. She told me she already knew everything because she just graduated from college. She had parked her car on the lawn of her relative's house and left the car running for quite some time. A young child asked her, why are you leaving the car running like that, wasting gas? When I left home at 18 to join the Air Force and I arrived at boot camp. The drill Sargeant told all of us to forget everything we learned because he was going to teach us to become men. I'm going to break you down, so I can build you up. When I completed my tour of duty. I received a full scholarship from UCLA my dream school. During the orientation, the instructor told the group to forget everything they learned because they were going to teach us the UCLA way. I said to myself, not again! This was an important lesson because at each level you wish to obtain you must be broken down to be built back up, better than before. LIFE is a progression of new ways of thinking and adapting in order to grow and evolve. https://powerthroughunity.orgEnroll in Boardwalk School of Economics