City of London, Michael Cassidy

City Makers

24-01-2022 • 52 mins

In this episode, co-host Anna Nicholls interviews Michael Cassidy CBE - the lawyer, city politician and acclaimed London city maker whose career has had a profound effect on the shape of the City of London and its dominance in financial services globally. Michael ran the local authority for the City of London following the reform of financial markets in 1986. This extraordinary moment known as Big Bang brought with it radical changes in planning and a new vision for London's square mile. Michael shares his memories of this time and his perspective on what makes great cities today, from tackling the climate crisis to crucial investments in infrastructure and arts and culture.

Michael has held board positions at British Land and London's brand new railway, Crossrail. He led the initial planning and development of the UK's newest town as Chairman of The Ebbsfleet Development Corporation and is currently Chairman of New London Architecture.

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