Let’s Talk Redundancy: Stuck in the Middle with Marco Beschizza

From Dreamers to Doers Podcast

02-03-2021 • 41 mins

Although it may be less widely spoken about, it’s critical to remember that there are people at every stage of their redundancy journey. You are not the only one still trying to find a job, there is no transfer window, you have not missed the deadline.

In Episode 16 we return to our ‘Let’s Talk: Redundancy’ interview series and are joined by the wonderful Marco Beschizza – at the time of recording he is still very much in the ‘Messy Middle’ of his story after being made redundant in April 2020.

As yet another reminder that redundancy can hit at any level and any age – Marco is an experienced Global Head of Visual Merchandising & Creative in the retail industry.

Previously he’s progressed from national to international brands and has been leading teams and designing visuals to drive sales across the globe for years.

Marco’s redundancy story starts with being on mute on a call with 900 people and hearing they’ve all been made redundant. This was understandably a fair shock, especially for a manager familiar with the ‘traditional’ process!

Sitting now in what I call the ‘Messy Middle’, Marco and I talk about:

  • Redundancy during furlough and a company sale
  • The difference when you have a team
  • Retail Life vs Real Life
  • Figuring out your financials
  • Handling the awkward silence from a recruiters

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