How a Single word can change your year

From Dreamers to Doers Podcast

23-03-2021 • 20 mins

Who do you want to be? And are you making the right decisions to head in the optimal direction to achieve this? An unbeatable decision-making ‘GPS’ when faced with questions like this is having a Word of the Year. It may be unsurprising that, Trust and Sanity are the words that got me through last year.

Your Word of the Year is a reminder of what you value; a focal point to keep you headed in the right direction and making decisions that are authentically you. Join me in this episode as I guide you through using and choosing one Word to help you with every decision you face.

We will talk about:

  • Deciding on your values and direction
  • Asking the right questions to get to the right places
  • What’s going to help you take action
  • Embracing your thinking place

Having a Word of the Year can make a transformative difference to your outlook and it’s not too late to choose one. Keep it on a post-it note, keep it close to your chest, or display it for everyone to see!

Your word is a consistent reminder that this is your baseline for the year.

Want a guide for choosing your word that you can print out and refer to? Visit to grab your free Podcast on a Page to help figure out what it is you want to value most for this year.

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