Sales without Sleaze - 3 Steps to Turn Your 'Sell No' to a 'Sell YES!' with Luis Baez

From Dreamers to Doers Podcast

15-10-2019 • 40 mins

I know it’s not just me - selling and sales can sometimes feel uncomfortable, awkward and maybe even leave you feeling a little bit sleazy. However, it is something we all have to be doing all the time; whether it’s our products, our services, our dreams, our visions, our ideas or even ourselves we always have to be selling and sharing them.

If you want to help and serve you have to be able to sell.

Sales need to be an integral part of everything we do for us to succeed and for us to be able to help others.

That is exactly why my good friend Luis is with us today. A master of selling without feeling sleazy, he’s going to be:

  • Turning the whole idea of sales on its head (this is a big one!)
  • Talking about “sitting crooked and talking straight.”
  • Covering how to feel authentic when selling.
  • Sharing an amazing and simple 3 Step Framework you can use right away.
  • Plus so much more...

Let’s jump in!

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