Audit your Amazon Seller account this Summer

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18-08-2023 • 18 mins

Summer is a great time to do a DIY audit on your Amazon Seller Central account. This will help you assess your performance and identify areas where you can improve.

In my previous episode which I released last year, I talked about some general things you can do to keep your account in order over the summer. In this episode, I'll be going into more detail about specific metrics you can look at, such as: account health, inventory performance, sales performance, and advertising performance.

I'll also be sharing some tips for doing a DIY audit on your Amazon Seller Central account, such as using the Seller Central reports and comparing your performance to your competitors.

Listen in to hear me share how to:

  • Check your account health (01:44)
  • Check your customer feedback (03:21)
  • Checking your IPI score (04:34)
  • Check your conversion rate or unit session percentage (06:25)
  • Review your listings (07:07)
  • Review your keyword rankings (09:03)
  • Review your fees (11:18)
  • Why you should run ads in the summer (12:48)
  • Tracking your metrics (14:54)
  • How I may be able to help you (15:55)


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