Email Marketing & Klaviyo - with Elle Williamson, The Ecommerce Assistant

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25-08-2023 • 40 mins

My guest today is Elle Williamson of The Ecommerce Assistant. Elle helps people build and grow their online businesses with the power of Shopify + Klaviyo to sell more online. Ella has made it her mission to teach everything she knows about ecommerce to founder-led businesses looking to thrive online.

Elle was originally a guest earlier this year on episode 162 where she talked about how to make the most of Shopify. I've invited her back to talk about Klaviyo, an email marketing system, which works really well with Shopify. Elle shares what Klaviyo can do, why she is such a big fan of it, and top tips to get the most out of it. We also talk about email marketing in general - why it's important, best practices, ways to nurture your list and what to do if it is far too long since you emailed them!

Whether you decide to use Klaviyo or not (and there is a free option) there is lots here for you to take and try in your own business to boost your sales.

Listen in to hear Elle share:

  • An introduction to herself and her business (01:29)
  • Why email marketing is important (02:21)
  • How often you should be emailing from bare minimum to maximum (06:41)
  • Getting past mindset blocks (07:58)
  • How to nurture your email list, and what this means (09:10)
  • How to start emailing your list again when you haven’t been in touch for a long time (13:35)
  • What Klaviyo is and why Elle recommends it (17:23)
  • Klaviyo’s integration with Shopify (18:20)
  • The difference between the paid and free versions (19:51)
  • The data insights you can get - including how much money each email has made (21:35)
  • Ecommerce features that Klaviyo has (22:50)
  • Top tips for optimising your email marketing for whichever platform you use (27:30)
  • Ways to grow your email list (32:34)
  • What AB tests are and how to do them (34:48)
  • Her number one piece of advice for using email marketing effectively (38:01)


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Podcast 162: How to get the most out of Shopify with Elle Williamson - The Ecommerce Assistant


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