Creating your product, step-by-step - with Vicki Weinberg

Bring Your Product Idea to Life

11-02-2022 • 48 mins

Amazon expert and Bring Your Ideas To Life Podcast host Vicki Weinberg shares the step by step process for creating your first product. EPISODE NOTES **Please remember to rate and review the podcast - it really helps others to find it.** In many of my podcast episodes I talk with guest experts and product creators about different aspects of the product creation journey. For this episode I thought it would be helpful to put all these pieces together, and give you an overview of the entire process. I share the steps to take, and point you to lots of resources that you can use along the way from other podcast episodes to free checklists that I provide. Everyone’s product creation journey will be a bit different, but I really think there is something in here for everybody. Listen in to hear me share: Why I wanted to record this episode (00:38) Define what your product is and who it is for (02:25) Validate your product idea (04:15) Carry out some market research i.e. look at other products (08:58) Finalise your product specification (12:11) Do you need a patent or any other protection? (14:43) Work out your pricing (15:14) Think about branding and logos (20:01) Decide where you’d like to source your product (22:13) Research credible suppliers (22:58) Prepare your supplier communication (26:26) Contact suppliers (28:28) Order product samples and review them (31:13) Get shipping quotes if applicable (35:28) Order your product (36:01) Work out how and where you’ll ship and store your product (38:09) Decide where you are going to sell your product (40:45) Open accounts with online marketplaces (42:15) Write your product description (44:03) Arrange product photography (45:00) Ways you can work with me and how I can help you (45:45) USEFUL RESOURCES Podcast episodes: https://vickiweinberg.com/captivate-podcast/how-to-carry-out-your-own-customer-and-market-research-with-abbey-teunis-3/ (Episode 9 How to carry out your own customer and market research - with Abbey Teunis) https://vickiweinberg.com/captivate-podcast/wheres-the-best-place-to-sell-physical-products-online/ (Episode 12 How to write a product specification for a physical product - with Vicki Weinberg) https://vickiweinberg.com/captivate-podcast/how-to-carry-out-your-own-customer-and-market-research-with-abbey-teunis-3/ (https://vickiweinberg.com/captivate-podcast/finding-a-great-supplier-to-create-your-product/) https://vickiweinberg.com/captivate-podcast/wheres-the-best-place-to-sell-physical-products-online/ (Episode 30 Where’s the best place to sell products online? - with Vicki Weinberg ) https://vickiweinberg.com/captivate-podcast/how-to-write-a-product-description-that-sells/ (Episode 32 How to write a product description that sells - with Vicki Weinberg) https://vickiweinberg.com/captivate-podcast/how-to-take-your-own-professional-product-photos-with-georgina-little/ (Episode 34 How to take your own professional product photos - with Georgina Little) https://vickiweinberg.com/captivate-podcast/shipping-and-importing-your-products-with-simon-arnold-unity-logistics/ (Episode 36 Shipping and importing your products - with Simon Arnold, Unity Logistics) https://vickiweinberg.com/captivate-podcast/wholesale-for-small-businesses-with-therese-rtenblad/ (Episode 54 Wholesale for small businesses - with Therese Ortenblad) https://vickiweinberg.com/captivate-podcast/building-a-website-for-your-products-business-with-marie-brown-beyond-the-kitchen-table/ (Episode 58 Building a website for your products business - with Marie Brown, Beyond The Kitchen Table) https://vickiweinberg.com/captivate-podcast/how-to-sell-on-etsy-with-anna-panteli-annas-planners/ (Episode 64 How to sell on Etsy - with Anna Panteli, Anna’s Planners) https://vickiweinberg.com/captivate-podcast/whats-your-usp/ (Episode 72 What’s Your USP? - with Vicki Weinberg )  ...