How writing a book can support your business - with Marina Fernandez Julian

Bring Your Product Idea to Life

22-04-2022 • 43 mins

Coach and NLP Trainer Marina Fernandez Julian shares how writing a book has strengthened and enhanced her business. EPISODE NOTES **Please remember to rate and review the podcast - it really helps others to find it.** Today I have a fantastic interview for you with Marina Fernandez Julian. Marina is a coach and NLP master practitioner, a trainer and a facilitator. Marina is also the author of her book, Balance: Living A Life True To Yourself. In her book Marina explores how to live life in a way that is true to you. Marina shares her tools and techniques to empower you to create the life you’ve always wanted to live. Marina shares what prompted her to write a book, the writing and publishing process and how the book works alongside her service offerings. Marina is full of encouraging advice, and shares how writing a book has made her more confident and gain clarity on who she is and what she can offer. It’s an inspiring and empowering episode. Listen in to hear Marina share: An introduction to herself and her business (01:05) An introduction to her book, and what it is about (01:26) Who the book is for (04:09) Why she decided to write a book (06:40) Her book writing process (15:00) Getting published (18:48) Where the book is being sold (23:26) Working with a distributor and marketing the book (24:04) Advice for deciding between working with a publisher and self publishing (28:03) How the book sits alongside her coaching business  (30:26) How writing a book can support your business (33:23) Her number one piece of advice for other authors (41:46) USEFUL RESOURCES: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Balance-Living-Life-True-Yourself/dp/1739863801/ref=sr_1_1?crid=7RYSPGD8RSL1&keywords=balance+living+a+life+true+to+yourself+marina+fernandez&qid=1647432487&sprefix=balance%2C+living+a+%2Caps%2C152&sr=8-1 (Buy The Book) https://marinazestforlife.com/ (Marina’s Website) https://www.instagram.com/marinazestforlife/ (Marina’s Instagram) https://www.facebook.com/marinazestforlife (Marina’s Facebook) https://www.linkedin.com/in/marina-fernandez-julian-91680a46/?originalSubdomain=uk (Marina’s Linked In) https://uk.bookshop.org/ (Bookshop.Org) https://www.city-books.co.uk/ (City Books) https://www.ingramspark.com/ (IngramSpark) LET’S CONNECT https://www.facebook.com/groups/productcreatorsclub (Join my free Facebook group for product makers and creators) https://www.instagram.com/vickiweinberguk/ (Find me on Instagram) http://www.vickiweinberg.com (Work with me)  Mentioned in this episode: Get your FREE Amazon checklist to help you get started Get your FREE Amazon checklist to help you get started selling on Amazon: https://mailchi.mp/72c24952cf50/amazon_checklist https://bring-your-product-idea.captivate.fm/amazon-checklist (Get your free selling on Amazon checklist)