Things to do with your Amazon Seller Central account this Summer - with Vicki Weinberg

Bring Your Product Idea to Life

05-08-2022 • 15 mins

Are you an Amazon seller? This episode is for you. Much as we would all love to sit back and watch the sales roll in, we know that there is a little bit more to it. In this episode I am sharing my top tips of things that you could do over the summer when it is a little bit quieter to make the most of your seller central account setting. It’s a short episode this week, full of actionable tips. As ever let me know how you get on, and if you have any questions. Listen in to hear me share: An introduction to the topic (00:22) Look at your reports (01:11) Review your inventory (02:01) Review your listings and optimise them if needed (03:06) Do some competitor research (03:54) Check your account health (04:56) Review your Amazon advertising (05:46) Apply or set up Amazon brand registry (07:46) Check your products are up to date (11:03) Run some promotions, or sell in a new marketplace (11:36) Book an audit with me! (12:26) USEFUL RESOURCES: (Free Resources, including How to successfully launch a product on Amazon or rescue one that’s not selling) (Podcast Episode 111 15 Ways to give your product sales a boost) (Book a Power Hour with me)  LET’S CONNECT (Join my free Facebook group for product makers and creators) (Find me on Instagram) (Work with me)  Mentioned in this episode: Join my Free Facebook group for product creators & makers Join my Free Facebook group for product creators & makers Get on the waitlist for my Group Product Creation Programme Join the waitlist to be first to hear when you can join Create a Product to Sell and get a free 1:1 call with me when you sign up!