My first year - with Vicki Weinberg

Bring Your Product Idea to Life

25-02-2022 • 19 mins

Amazon consultant and Bring Your Ideas To Life Podcast host Vicki Weinberg celebrates the 100th episode of her podcast by looking back and reviewing her first year running a product based business. EPISODE NOTES **Please remember to rate and review the podcast - it really helps others to find it.** I can’t believe this is the 100th episode! I wasn’t sure what to share, so I asked you, in my free Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/productcreatorsclub (Product Creators Club). I was asked to share how my first year running a product business went, so here we are. I set up my business Tiny Chipmunk, in 2016, so I was very grateful for the blogs I wrote at the time to help me remember what I did, and the things that happened. I share my main learnings, and things that I would do differently now. I hope that you find this useful, don’t forget everyone’s product journey is different, so my story will be different to yours. If you are through those first couple of years, and you would like to share your story on the other side, I would absolutely love to talk to you. Please do get in touch.  Listen in to hear me share: Deciding what to do to mark 100 Episodes (00:21) The background to my first year in business (01:54) Why getting started took a long time (02:57) Why I needed the Product Creation Checklist (04:35) Mistakes I made along the way (06:49) How long it took to get my first product out there (08:04) Why I should have started growing an audience earlier on (12:36) The importance of not trying to do it all at once (13:25) Why not share your story with me? (16:40) USEFUL RESOURCES https://www.facebook.com/groups/productcreatorsclub (Join my free Facebook group for product makers and creators) Contact me to be on a episode Podcast episodes: https://vickiweinberg.com/captivate-podcast/things-ive-learnt-in-4-years-of-running-a-products-business/ (Episode 14: Things I’ve Learnt In 4 Years Of Running A Products Business) (my origin story!) https://vickiweinberg.com/captivate-podcast/tiny-chipmunk-update-with-vicki-weinberg/ (Episode 93: Tiny Chipmunk Update) (taking the decision to close my products business) Free downloadable resources: https://mailchi.mp/0adac0163554/product_creation_steps (Download My Free Product Creation Checklist) https://mailchi.mp/f460d6a5d400/validation (Download My Free Guide 7 Free Ways To Validate Your Product Idea) Work with me: https://vickiweinberg.com/product-creation/#courses (Find out more about my Product Creation Courses) https://vickiweinberg.com/product-creation/#qa (Find out more about my Product Creation Power Hour) LET’S CONNECT https://www.instagram.com/vickiweinberguk/ (Find me on Instagram) http://www.vickiweinberg.com (Work with me)  Mentioned in this episode: Get your FREE Amazon checklist to help you get started Get your FREE Amazon checklist to help you get started selling on Amazon: https://mailchi.mp/72c24952cf50/amazon_checklist https://bring-your-product-idea.captivate.fm/amazon-checklist (Get your free selling on Amazon checklist)