Your Q4 sales strategy - with Anna Frapwell, Neon Digital Clicks

Bring Your Product Idea to Life

28-07-2023 • 22 mins

Anna Frapwell is the founder of Neon Digital Clicks, an e-commerce growth agency. Neon Digital Click’s focus is on driving more profitable sales for baby, kids' and women's brands through Meta, Tik Tok and Google Ads, and email marketing.

Anna Frapwell originally appeared on the podcast to talk about why you should be selling on Tik Tok. I invited Anna back to explain what you can be doing over the summer to prepare for a strong final quarter of the year, and boost your sales. We talk about why waiting until September will put you on the backfoot, and how you can take advantage of the summer lull to experiment with your advertising, and refine your message so that you are in the best possible position going into Q4. It’s full of simple, actionable ideas that you can implement now.

If you would like more support, Neon Digital Clicks offer a free audit, which you can sign up for here.

Listen in to hear Anna share:

  • An introduction to herself and her business (01:28)
  • Why it is best not to shut down over the Summer (02:16)
  • When you should start thinking about Q4 (04:44)
  • Why summer is a better time to start advertising rather than waiting until Q4 (06:26)
  • Using the summer for audience building (08:55)
  • Proactive things you can be doing now to make consistent sales in Q4 (10:43)
  • Practical ways to build your email list (12:17)
  • Tips for starting to advertise (14:53)
  • How to use digital ads to shine a spotlight on your business, and identify things you can improve (17:11)
  • Making sure you have the right foundations in place for digital advertising and messaging (19:16)
  • The power of outsourcing (20:37)


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Podcast Epsiode 129: Why you should be selling your products on Tik Tok with Anna Frapwell



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