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22-09-2023 • 40 mins

My guest this week is Amelia Peckham. In 2005 Amelia Peckham was told she would never walk unaided again, following a serious quad bike accident and consequent spinal injury her ’new normal’ aged just 19, was a life on crutches. Sadly her hospital ones gave her blisters, clicked so everyone could hear her coming, slipped and even snapped - it was then Amelia alongside mother Clare, sought to find something better.

There was a huge gap in the market for comfortable, silent, certified crutches and walking sticks that wouldn’t compromise on style…and so Cool Crutches & Sticks was born.

Tackling a number of pain points Cool Crutches and Sticks are moulded to a left and right hand (no more blisters), totally silent to use (no more clicking), they’re cushioned (so won’t jar upper body joints), have added grip (won’t slip) and are CE certified to support long term, medical conditions and disabilities. The best part? They’re unavailable in hospital grey - with a wide range of fabulous colours and prints as well as the option to print your own personalised design these sticks are the walking definition of functionality & style.

It was an absolute delight to talk to Amelia, learn more about the story behind the business, and how Amelia’s background in PR and confidence in the product has helped the company go from strength to strength.

Listen in to hear Amelia share:

  • An introduction to herself and her business (01:21)
  • The importance of proving you can have functionality without compromising on style (03:04)
  • How the NHS issues crutches to people and identifying a gap in the market (04:21)
  • The design process (08:06)
  • Adding fun and style to the design (13:25)
  • Working with a manufacturer (15:10)
  • Offering personalisation (17:19)
  • Using the design and personalisation process as a positive focus for customers (20:33)
  • The psychological boost the crutches can provide (21:53)
  • Generating Press and PR (25:15)
  • Working with and supporting celebrities (27:40)
  • The power of absolute confidence in your own product (33:17)
  • Her number one piece of advice for product creators (37:30)


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