How to take and edit your own product photos (using a smartphone) - with Jade Tinkler

Bring Your Product Idea to Life

17-06-2022 • 31 mins

Jade Tinkler is an award-winning portrait photographer, who specialises in helping women to be seen, celebrated and empowered - particularly those over the age of 40. She helps women to realise that they are photogenic, through creating beautiful portraits that they love and are proud of.  Jade also helps female business owners and entrepreneurs to stand out from the crowd whilst looking (and feeling) confident within their brands, through appealing and inspiring brand-styled photography.   EPISODE NOTES **Please remember to rate and review the podcast - it really helps others to find it.** This week my guest on the podcast is Jade Tinkler, an award winning portrait, who recently took the headshots and branding photos that you will see on my website.   Jade joins me today to share how you can take great photos of your products using your phone and how to edit them. And she had some really great advice and made it sound so simple to take really good photos with your phone, using hardly any props, just a bit of natural light and maybe some white cardboard. Jade will explain why! I hope that after listening to this episode, you are inspired to go away and experiment with taking your own product photos yourself Listen in to hear Jade share: An introduction to herself and her business (01:44) Why having good photos of your products is important (02:43) The types of images you need of your products (05:03) The types of photos you can take with your phone (08:37) Choosing your background (09:58) Useful props for taking a good photo (11:23) Getting the lighting right(12:06) Taking photos outside (15:45) Editing your photos (16:49) Her top tips for photo editing software (19:47) Her number one piece of advice for taking photos (23:58) Details about upcoming workshops and webinars that Jade is running (26:08) USEFUL RESOURCES (Jade Tinkler Website) (Jade Tinkler Facebook) (Jade Tinkler Instagram - Branding ) (Jade Tinkler Instagram - Portraits) (Jade Tinkler Linked In) (Snapseed) (Jade Tinkler Webinar): THE 5 TOP SECRETS OF PHONE PHOTOGRAPHY FOR YOUR BUSINESS (Jade Tinkler Workshop:) BOOST YOUR BUSINESS WITH DIY FLAT LAY PHOTOGRAPHY LET’S CONNECT (Join my free Facebook group for product makers and creators) (Find me on Instagram) (Work with me)  Mentioned in this episode: Join my Free Facebook group for product creators & makers Join my Free Facebook group for product creators & makers Get on the waitlist for my Group Product Creation Programme Join the waitlist to be first to hear when you can join Create a Product to Sell and get a free 1:1 call with me when you sign up!