Working with a team of makers - with Chloe Hannay - Willow & Bert Interiors

Bring Your Product Idea to Life

15-07-2022 • 35 mins

Today on the podcast I am talking to Chloe Hannay, founder of Willow & Bert Interiors. Chloe is an interior designer and soft furnishings consultant who also creates bespoke beautiful handcrafted curtains, blinds, cushions, and other soft furnishings, which are always finished with a Willow and Bert signature flourish. I absolutely love talking to Chloe. She's the first guest I've had on who offers products and a service all in one. IT was a really interesting conversation learning about the world of Interior Design, and how Chloe evolved her business from making items herself, to running a team of makers who support her business.  I really hope that you also find it enjoyable and you learn from it and are inspired too. Listen in to hear Chloe share: An introduction to herself and her business (01:32) How she came to set up her business 8 years ago (02:26) How she started out making everything herself (03:33) Why she started to look for other people to make items for her, and building her team (04:08) How she learnt how to reupholster items (06:33) Adjusting to not making the items herself (08:18) Combining a product and a service (10:28) Pulling together a scheme with Willow & Bert bespoke pieces & high street purchases (17:37) Managing fabric supplies post Covid (21:03) Working as an interior designer through the pandemic (22:54) How she built her team of makers (25:25) Learning to delegate when you run a small business (27:18) Her number one piece of advice for other product creators (29:58) USEFUL RESOURCES: (Willow & Bert Interiors Website) (Willow & Bert Instagram) (Willow & Bert Interiors Facebook) (Willow & Bert Interiors Houzz) LET’S CONNECT (Join my free Facebook group for product makers and creators) (Find me on Instagram) (Work with me)  Mentioned in this episode: Get on the waitlist for my Group Product Creation Programme Join the waitlist to be first to hear when you can join Create a Product to Sell and get a free 1:1 call with me when you sign up! Join my Free Facebook group for product creators & makers Join my Free Facebook group for product creators & makers