How to make your customer experience more inclusive (and make more sales) - with Jodie Greer, Be People Smart

Bring Your Product Idea to Life

14-01-2022 • 34 mins

Jodie Greer, founder of Be People Smart, joins podcast host Vicki Weinberg to share some simple ways to make your customer experience more inclusive for everyone. EPISODE NOTES **Please remember to rate and review the podcast - it really helps others to find it.** Today. I am delighted to be joined by Jodie Greer, founder of Be People Smart on the podcast. Be People Smart supports organisations of all sizes from all sectors, both private and public, to be more inclusive by considering all staff and customers in the way they operate and communicate. I’ve known Jodie for years, and recently heard her talk at an event which really opened my eyes to lots of things that I could easily be doing, but wasn’t, to make my website and social media much more inclusive for everyone. I hope you find it as useful as I did, there are lots of simple ideas that you are going to want to action straight away. Listen in to hear Jodie share: An introduction to herself and her business (02:35) What we mean when we talk about making things more inclusive and accessible (02:51) Why you are missing our on custom if you don’t take this into account (05:23) Practical things you can do to make your website more accessible and inclusive (07:43) Things you can do if you are selling on third party websites (16:26) Practical things you can do to make your social media more accessible and inclusive (21:40)  Her number one piece of advice for product creators (29:51) USEFUL RESOURCES: https://bepeoplesmart.co.uk/ (Be People Smart) https://www.facebook.com/Be-PeopleSmart-Ltd-105138174870995/ (Be People Smart Facebook) https://www.linkedin.com/company/be-peoplesmart-ltd/ (Be People Smart Linked In) https://www.instagram.com/bepeoplesmart/ (Be People Smart Instagram) https://equalizedigital.com/accessibility-checker/ (Accessibility Checker) https://vickiweinberg.com/why-your-small-business-needs-to-be-accessible/ (Read the blog post) LET’S CONNECT https://www.facebook.com/groups/productcreatorsclub (Join my free Facebook group for product makers and creators) https://www.instagram.com/vickiweinberguk/ (Find me on Instagram) http://www.vickiweinberg.com/ (Work with me) Mentioned in this episode: Get your FREE Amazon checklist to help you get started Get your FREE Amazon checklist to help you get started selling on Amazon: https://mailchi.mp/72c24952cf50/amazon_checklist https://bring-your-product-idea.captivate.fm/amazon-checklist (Get your free selling on Amazon checklist)