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Sports betting picks in 15 daily minutes! BettingPros host Matt Perrault will be here for you every day all year round as we run through the most notable sports bets while providing our picks. Tune in for our rapid-fire shows covering every sport as you look to place your wagers. read less

Our Editor's Take

The Daily Juice is a sports betting podcast that shares the odds across various sports leagues with listeners in fifteen minutes or less. The podcast offers concise betting information in a brief and easy-to-follow format.

The host of this podcast is Matt Perrault, a sports journalist and betting expert. His 20-year career began as a sports talk show host at WUMP 730 in Huntsville, Alabama. He began producing content about sports betting in 2017. He is the cohost and co-owner of the sports gambling podcast The Bostonian vs. The Book. He also produces and hosts several other podcasts for the website Bettingpros.

The Daily Juice offers betting odds for all major sports leagues in the US. This includes the NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB. Fans looking to find tips for multiple leagues in one podcast may find what they want here. The centralized information is likely convenient for many sports betting fans. However, this podcast is for entertainment purposes only, and the hosts are not giving financial advice.

The conciseness of the episodes is also useful to listeners. Each podcast episode lasts about fifteen minutes. Perrault wants to use the listener's time effectively. Most of the time, he offers three to four picks, one for each league. He will then explain his thoughts as to why he is betting the way that he is.

Those looking for information on college sports betting can find it here. It is worth noting that reporting and reviewing college sports are not the primary focuses. Those seeking sports news and commentary might enjoy a podcast with a different focus. New episodes of The Daily Juice air daily throughout the year.

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