Jim Young: The Intimacies of Being Intimate

The Mandate

07-03-2021 • 54 mins

In this episode we start to explore the topic of intimacy with my friend Jim Young. We'll also talk about evolving forms of masculinity, the armor men wear and why we wear it, love, and why improv is always the answer.

Jim Young, aka The Centered Coach, is a Dad of 3 ridiculous teens, a coach who helps men dare their way past outdated archetypes, and a creative organizational facilitator who loves the color Teal. If you find yourself in Western Massachusetts outside of The Pandemic Times, you can catch Jim performing regularly in improv comedy shows with his team, Not In Charge.

  • How Jim stays centered amidst the chaos of life right now
  • The power of build a habit of gratitude
  • The Gratitude ABCs
  • Jim's 10 year+ journey with his mental and emotional wellbeing
  • Why his divorce was a wakeup call
  • How therapy helped give him the structure he needed
  • What makes it hard to seek help
  • What is intimacy? Is just about romance and sex?
  • The different types of intimacy
  • Why it's hard for men to be vulnerable
  • How to get over your fears of being intimate and vulnerable
  • Why you have to be able to tap into your feelings to truly be intimate
  • Some ideas around having hard, intimate conversations
  • What is a designed alliance and how to do create one
  • The difference between "balance" and "balancing"
  • Why men need to talk more about love
  • How our early life experiences shape our mental well being as adults
  • The impact of bullying on Jim's life
  • The armor we wear as men and how to start taking it off
  • Why love is so important and how we can love ourselves more
  • Love debt
  • How to say no with love and compassion
  • How to ask for love
  • The platinum rule
  • When to listen versus when to offer help
  • Why you should try saying, "Is there anything you need?"
  • Sympathy versus empathy


Atomic Habits by James Clear

UNF*CK Your Brain Podcast

Al-Anon Family Groups

Love languages quiz

Brene Brown on sympathy versus empathy

Connect with Jim



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