College Football News: Saban's Words, Notre Dame Media Rights, and Realignment on Hold?

Tailgates, Tips, & Takes

24-07-2022 • 33 mins

Join Brendan and Louis as they speak all news college football. At 1:20, they drop in with the "King" of College Football and his remarks on realignment. They give their opinions on how they could take from professional sports and have successful conferences. Later, at 9:25, they get into Notre Dame's ridiculous ask of $75 million/year for media rights? WTF???? Then the boys talk realignment and conferences taking a break from all the talk at 17:15. Louis ask questions like 'Are we sure they can play in snow?' (Looking at you USC & UCLA). Finally, they close out with playoff talk. If it's all SEC, what will the other conferences do?

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