The Power of Stretch Goals and Tackling the Talent Market with Tru Talent Founder, Toni Taylor and Executive Coach, Maggie Lawrie #S3E19

"5 Things I Know Now" A Dorset Growth Hub Podcast

07-07-2023 • 44 mins

Moving forwards and having the right people on your team are two elements of every business’ dream, and between Maggie Lawrie & Toni Taylor, we have two of the most comprehensive answers.

Being an Executive Coach with MLA International places Maggie perfectly to share strategies to go above and beyond your business goals, and Tru Talent Founder, Toni, is finely tuned into the talent market.

Join us on The Dorset Growth Hub Podcast as we break down the answers to two of every entrepreneur’s most pressing questions, in an episode recorded at our latest Coffee & Catch Up event!

This episode of The Dorset Growth Hub podcast covers:

  • Riding out recent movements in the market with inflation
  • A fun and innovative way to motivate yourself with stretch goals
  • How to inject passion and energy into your business plans
  • Generational shifts and values in the workforce
  • Why retainment is about asking the right questions of your team