Beating the Budget, Finding Funding & the Power of Podcasting with SWIG Finance Business Lending Manager, Steve Mayell and Co-Founder & MD of Podcast Labs, Kelly Butler #S3E17

"5 Things I Know Now" A Dorset Growth Hub Podcast

18-04-2023 • 43 mins

With the recent budget, finance and investment are top of mind for businesses traversing the challenges of 2023.

Whether you’re looking for a loan away from the high street banks, or a new way to create business connections, we’ve got you covered - SWIG Finance’s Steve Mayell and Podcast Labs’ Kelly Butler are this week’s guests on The Dorset Growth Hub Podcast.

Tune into this week’s episode, recorded at our live business breakfast in March, to hear how podcasts are an evolving medium in which to network and build brands, and what a CDFI can do to provide new avenues for funding.

This episode of The Dorset Growth Hub podcast covers:

  • Impacts of the recent budget on SMEs
  • What a CDFI is and how they support financing small businesses
  • Utilising the podcasting platform to reach new audiences and build bonds within your network