Owner of The Embroidery Barn; Rosie Lees #S3E7

"5 Things I Know Now" A Dorset Growth Hub Podcast

07-12-2021 • 36 mins

Building a business from scratch presents common pitfalls that many have learned to avoid, but there’s a unique set of challenges and pressures that come with taking the wheel of a brand with a lengthy history.

Rosie Lees has been at the helm of The Embroidery Barn for the past 3 years, building on 20 years of legacy and evolving its mission for premium & eco-friendly embroidery.

On this episode of 5 Things I Know Now we learn the value in staying firm & believing in what you do, growing a support network both within and beyond the business, and even a story about her surprisingly speedy pet tortoise....

This podcast is kindly supported by Bournemouth University, so we’re joined in the studio by Tilly, a 1st year Business & Management student for an interesting live Q&A session.

This episode of The Dorset Growth Hub podcast covers:

  • Sticking to your guns and backing yourself
  • Surrounding yourself with the right people, both within the business and your external support network
  • Taking time out to focus on your mental wellbeing

Links and references at: https://www.dorsetgrowthhub.co.uk/podcast