Training Camp for Leaders with Archie L. Jones Jr.

Hueman Group Media and NxGen COACH Network

Know this: Wherever you are on your personal and professional leadership journey, you can take your game to the next level. Training Camp for Leaders with Archie L. Jones, Jr. will help you dream bigger and pursue your goals more confidently in life and in the fields of entrepreneurship and governance.

Hosted by Harvard Business Professor, author, and accomplished executive Archie L. Jones, Jr, our podcast gives you access to stories and actionable advice from today’s most accomplished business leaders and investors. Archie’s mission is to COACH: Create Opportunity And Cultivate Humanity, especially for underinvested leaders. This podcast will teach you how to leverage your leadership capital, step up your career and bring your venture to the next level.

Produced by NxGen COACH Network and our Webby-winning partner, Hueman Group Media.

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