The Play Podcast - 036 - Hamlet by William Shakespeare

The Play Podcast

28-10-2021 • 1 hr 11 mins

Episode 036: Hamlet by William Shakespeare

Host: Douglas Schatz
Guest: Greg Hersov

The Play Podcast is a podcast dedicated to exploring the greatest new and classic plays. In each episode we choose a single play to talk about in depth with our expert guest. We discuss the play’s origins, its themes, characters, structure and impact. For us the play is the thing.

It is arguably the world’s most famous play. The Tragical History of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark contains all of the elements of great drama: a revenge thriller, a family ripped apart, a tragic love story, political ambition and intrigue, wondrous poetry and philosophical insight, but most of all a uniquely intelligent, vibrant and sympathetic character who we see in all his brilliance and frailty.

We always knew that at some point we would come to this Everest of all plays, and we do so now inspired by a new production at London’s Young Vic theatre, where Cush Jumbo is winning huge acclaim in the eponymous role. I am delighted to be joined by the director of this production, Greg Hersov, who with his immense experience helps guide us through the almost infinite enchantments and challenges of the play.