Ep. #13- Pace in Business: Walking, Jogging, & Sprinting

The True Wellness Podcast with Chelsey Holm

01-02-2022 • 11 mins

Building a business is more of a lifelong marathon than an all-out sprint. Though, there are times in our business when we sprint to create massive growth, go for a big goal, or level up. There are times when life is in a busier season and our business is more of a walk- maintaining the growth that we already have and being a friend to others. There are times, which most business owners are typically in, we are jogging- slow and steady growth, cultivating new relationships, educating and caring for customers, hosting events, helping our team grow, and prospecting for new customers and team members.

The most beautiful thing is that YOU as the business owner get to decide what your pace is. Not your mentor, not your company. YOU.

Where are you?
1. 90 Day Run SPRINT
2. Be a Friend WALK
3. Educating (customers, prospects, team, & self) JOG

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