95: Creating Digestible Food and Content with Ayurvedic Principles with Herban Veda's Caitlin Rowe

Thyme in the Studio: Art & Wellness

04-01-2023 • 1 hr 37 mins

This is a delectable episode jam packed with juicy ideas to revamp your routines. Caitlin Rowe shares how make your mornings more magical, how to weave in simple solutions to making your food more digestible and ideas for creating more captivating social media posts that tantalize and delight the senses. You are gonna love this episode!

Caitlin Rowe is an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Herbalist, and Massage therapist. She enjoys sharing education about the simple and comforting routines that Ayurveda offers throughout the elemental seasons and the seasons of life. The healing journey can be overwhelming with so much information out there and her goal is to focus on healing through simplicity.

She started a line of herbal products in 2014 which has shifted over the years to focus on Ayurvedic principles and supporting people through their daily routine.

She has been doing body work for over 16 years and her practice is currently in Georgetown, Texas where she helps clients manage everything from chronic diseases, perinatal/postpartum, diet and lifestyle, and everything in between.

Links for Caitlin:

Website: www.Herbanveda.com

Instagram: @herban.veda

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