101: Healing Trauma with Plants and Willing Remedies into our World with Iwilla Remedy

Thyme in the Studio: Art & Wellness

02-04-2023 • 1 hr 3 mins

Settle in with a cozy cup of tea and enjoy this enriching chat about how we can heal ourselves from the inside out with plants and community.  I was so honored to be able to chat with this wise, brilliant herbalist and to hear more about how she has been able to help so many, build a thriving business that is changing the way people care for themselves and what she has done to create this radiant life!


Selima Harleston Lust is a wife, mother, and co-founder of Iwilla Remedy. Passionate about helping people travel the most graceful path from ill to well, Selima bridges the gaps between your body, your consciousness, and your soul’s evolution.

As a clinical herbalist, medical astrologer, and spiritual teacher, Selima's approach to well-being is rooted in deepening the relationship you have with yourself through plant medicine, proactive self-care, and aligned mindfulness. Her aim is to help people reclaim their power after trauma and heal the root causes of physical pain, illness, and disease. Selima offers a variety of herbal medicine products, workshops, and content that helps adults heal from the inside out. Through Iwilla Remedy's signature online mentorship program, Herbal Medicine for the Soul, she teaches adults how to get healthy naturally while addressing the emotional root cause of pain using the CALYPSO Healing Method™.

If you are listening in real time you have a few hours left to register for this rich healing herbal mentorship program, Herbal Medicine for the Soul.


Selima has taught at Spelman College, The Shift Network, Dekalb County Public Library, Black Urban Growers, Sex Down South, and the NYC Spiritual Herbalism Conference. Iwilla Remedy's work has been featured in various podcasts as well as Yoga Journal, Mother Earth Living, Refinery29, XONecole, and Well + Good. Selima is a proud graduate of Spelman College (BA), Teachers College Columbia University (MA), the Peace Corps, and Sacred Vibes Apothecary Herbal Apprenticeship.

This was a rich dive into healing ourselves from the inside out and how plants can help us bloom into our true selves. Be sure to connect with Selima on youtube, instagram and her fabulous newsletter, you can find her@iwillaremedy

A few of the topics we discussed:

-Selima’s Journey with herbalism

-Her Journey with entrepreneurship and building a business with her partner

-Healing trauma and her favorite plant for uplifting the spirit

-Working with plants to heal trauma

-The magic of meditation

-Why creating and being part of a community is so beneficial for healing

-How being an herbalist is to be an entrepreneur

-Working with social media and algorithms rather than battling them

-How to stop overcomplicating your work and build a brand with more simplicity

-Microdosing information

-Less is more

-Creating a team

and so much more!

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