Chelsea buns and Pleesecakes in London

The Smeg Foodie Guide to the UK

04-10-2022 • 31 mins

Welcome to the Smeg Foodie Guide to the UK episode 4

Scott Quinnell and Alice Snow head to London to meet Sophie Rushton-Smith at the fabulous Partridges store to find out what exactly made her award winning Chelsea buns so special.

They then head to the flagship Smeg London store on Regent Street to bake their own Chelsea buns. They're also joined by Joe Moruzzi from Pleesecakes, who are famous for their outrageous cheesecakes, to turn their Chelsea buns into a towering and beautiful cheesecake. It's quite a creation, and quite an episode too!


Hosted by: Scott Quinnell

Presenter: Alice Snow

Directed by: Gillan Williams

Guests: Sophie Ruston-Smith & Joe Moruzzi

Produced by: Veronika Kinstova, Gillan Williams, Smeg UK and Clarity Video

Special thanks: Pleesecakes