The Ninja Dinosaurs of Toronto | A bedtime story

Dad’s Bedtime Stories For Kids

16-08-2023 • 1 hr

In this stand alone story (which might have a part 2), we learn of a group of 5 Evolved Dinosaurs from the centre of the earth who decide to become ninjas. What kind of crime do they fight you ask? Only that of stolen Canadian Gold (Maple Syrup). What more do you want from a weird Canadian who records bedtime stories.

Let me know if you want a part 2!

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About The Podcast:

Kids won’t sleep? Want some time to yourself? This is how to make it happen! I make these bedtime stories up for my own children every night, so I figured I would record them. They are designed to give your child a simple, but somewhat interesting story to listen to. They are first person stories so kids can imagine themselves in the character’s shoes. They are mostly science fiction and fantasy based, because that’s what my kids like. Each episode is a 10-15 minute story followed by white noise to drown out distractions. The character always ends up back in bed, doing a short mindful relaxation exercise to help them off to sleep (if they aren’t there already). Get those kids to sleep!

Most episodes revolve around a kid with a magical spaceship that can transform into anything. He eventually finds a shapeshifting alien dog named changer, and they go on all kinds of adventures, both on earth, and far beyond. There are dinosaurs, dragons, magic, and lots and lots of robots!

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