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I am reading All The Young Dudes, a fanfic written by MsKingBean89 on Ao3. This is the link to the fanfic: This is the link to a playlist with the music from the book: read less

Our Editor's Take

Fanfiction is an exciting realm brimming with creativity and imagination. The All The Young Dudes - Reading podcast pays homage to a popular Harry Potter fanfiction. Can someone claim to be a true Harry Potter fan if they are unaware of the behemoth fanfic based on it? All The Young Dudes has around 500,000 words and millions of hits. MsKingBean89 published it on the fanfiction website Archive of Our Own. The writer posted 188 chapters between March 2017 and November 2018. The podcast's title and the fanfic are based on a song by Mott the Hoople.

On All the Young Dudes, Aitana, the host, reads the fanfiction chapters in chronological order. The podcast debuted in 2022, featuring one chapter per episode. The host is a fan of the Harry Potter franchise. They have a great reading voice and deliver dialogue with the right inflection. Far from being monotonous, they bring the scenes and characters to life.

Some podcast episodes feature Q&As in which Aitana responds to listener questions. Most of the questions asked on the podcast relate to the fanfic, Harry Potter fandom, and the host's insights. Aitana is amiable and offers articulate responses.

All The Young Dudes follows the story of Remus Lupin in an alternate reality from that of the book. His character differs from the original. The same applies to most others in the original Harry Potter series of books and films. While some criticize the fanfic for being canon-divergent, it's a massive success. Aitana and fans of the podcast are part of the happy fandom. Remus becomes a werewolf, raised in an orphanage, and Sirius Black is his love interest. Listeners hear alternate stories about other characters. These include James Potter and Peter Pettigrew.

As listeners follow along, Aitana unravels the exciting and intriguing tale. All The Young Dudes - Reading updates regularly.

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