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Dean Diakonis

Hosted by Dean Diakonis, a multi-million dollar producing real estate agent specializing in residential sales in the Tampa Bay area. Covering what is happening in the market, upcoming projects/developments, and bringing on guests to help you better navigate and dominate the real estate world.

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Talking Tampa | Ep 4: Seif Ben Rejeb | Mortgage options, seller financing, & where Tampa Bay real estate is heading.
Talking Tampa | Ep 4: Seif Ben Rejeb | Mortgage options, seller financing, & where Tampa Bay real estate is heading.
Welcome to another episode of the Talking Tampa Podcast! In this edition, I am joined by two industry experts, Seif Ben Rejeb, a seasoned mortgage lender from Coast to Coast lending, and Trey English, an accomplished realtor associated with Yellowtail Realty Advisors.Our conversation is a deep dive into the intricate world of mortgages, as Seif sheds light on various options and programs available to prospective homebuyers. Whether you're a first-time buver or a seasoned homeowner, this discussion is packed with valuable insights that can guide you through the maze of mortgage choices.But that's not all - we also explore the fascinating realm of seller financing. Trey English, with his experience at Yellowtail Realty Advisors, provides invaluable perspectives on this alternative approach to property transactions. The episode unravels the nuances of seller financing, offering a comprehensive understanding for anyone looking to buy or sell real estate.Of course, we couldn't ignore the burning question on everyone's mind - the state of the market. Seif and Trey share their thoughts on the current real estate landscape, discussing trends, challenges, and opportunities. Whether you're an investor, homeowner, or simply curious about where the market is heading, this segment is bound to captivate your interest.So, if you're seeking guidance on mortgage decisions, intrigued by the concept of seller financing, or eager to stay informed about the state of the real estate market, this podcast episode is tailor-made for you. Join me, Dean Diakonis, alongside Seif Ben Rejeb and Trey English, for an engaging and informative conversation that promises to elevate your understanding of the real estate landscape. Tune in now!Contact info:Trey English(813) 440-7653Trey@yellowtailresidential.comSeif Ben Rejeb(727) 560-4393Seif@coast2coastml.comDean Diakonis(813)
Unpacking the Tampa Affordability Crisis: Who Can Still Call It Home?
Unpacking the Tampa Affordability Crisis: Who Can Still Call It Home?
We dive deep into the rising affordability crisis in Tampa, Florida. Once known for its sunny skies and affordable living, Tampa has transformed into a city where only the wealthy can truly call home. We explore the factors contributing to this crisis, from skyrocketing housing costs to the daunting home insurance problem that plagues the entire state.Our hosts unpack the reasons behind Tampa's newfound exclusivity, shedding light on the rapid gentrification, escalating property values, and the scarcity of affordable housing options. We interview local residents who are grappling with the stark reality of being priced out of their own neighborhoods.As we dissect the home insurance problem in Florida, we unravel the complexities of living in a state susceptible to hurricanes and natural disasters. How has this challenge created an additional financial burden for Tampa's residents, and what solutions are being explored to alleviate this burden?And in a surprising twist, we discuss the controversial decision to knock down Derek Jeter's former home and replace it with a mega mansion. What does this extravagant construction project say about the state of wealth and real estate in Tampa? Is there a way to reconcile the city's luxurious developments with the needs of its less affluent inhabitants?Join us as we uncover the layers of the affordability crisis in Tampa, unearthing stories of resilience and determination in the face of a changing urban landscape. In this episode, we ask the tough questions and seek solutions to ensure that Tampa remains a city where all its residents can thrive, not just the wealthy elite.