40: Get started then contract

Do One Thing Well with Phil Argent

08-12-2022 • 8 mins

When you first start a new digital business strategy/ business strategy you'll have a plan.

A business plan is a document that articulates to all stakeholders what you want to do, what you want to see happen and who can do what bits.

But, a business plan is also just a promise.

A promise about what you will do.

We've recently been working with a client who has a solid growth plan.

They make sure they invest in the setup, they get set up, and then they start trading.

And after 3 weeks they then contract resources, tighten up systems, fine-tune who does what, and invest in training the new team about their job and roles, they also make sure everyone is happy, even though there is more pressure to get things working.

In effect, people have to do more in less time, but that tightens up the system, and people do get paid for the over time, but the RIGHT people make things work within a permitted timeframe.

Things go from being a business promise to being a set of measurable tasks and actions.

From there they build demand, customer demand, growth demand, and then they build more capability in the resources.

Step by step, by step. Hour by hour, by hour.

Make it work.

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