63: Where the crowd goes, go against it

Do One Thing Well with Phil Argent

17-01-2023 • 7 mins

You can try.

Or you can be your best.

Too many of us try to be our best by trying to be what others want us to be.

And this is true for many many businesses.

And is so true in content and marketing strategy in a digital era.

If you don't optimise, you can't get indexed.

If you don't click bate, you might not be liked, shared, or followed.

If you don't pay for views, you can't optimise for conversion.

No one will find you.

But what if you thought about your audience last, what if you did your best most passionate work knowing it was your best.

Surely your best work would inspire those that need you to find you.

This is a long game.

If you have a deep knowledge of a subject, you have a deep knowledge of spotting signals and signs of change.

This is how change happens.

People who really love their work, tell others what they do, these stories inspire.

You can LEAD people to new places.

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Phil (Founder and Director of DX3.co.uk)

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