44: Eats shoots and leaves

Do One Thing Well with Phil Argent

15-12-2022 • 8 mins

How do you create a daily contact engine?

How do you create a podcast every day?

How do you write a blog every day that helps to inspire a growth mindset?

It's simple. Think about the one thing that can change how you and others see your world.

Today rather than talking about digital business strategy or parts of what makes a good digital business strategy work I was pondering the subject hook of this blog and podcast.

The hook is the one thing that will help you to STOP and read my piece and then perhaps be so inspired that you want to listen to my daily podcast to learn more.

The hook is the first line that you'll read if you see my posts or blog or podcast listing.

I've been wondering how do we stop, how do we read, how can a hook stop you in your tracks.

I was looking for the simplest thing, one word that will change everything.

But then.

I thought perhaps it's smaller than a word, perhaps a simple comma would do the trick.

Which reminded me of a book I'd read some years ago, Eats, shoots and leaves.

The comma changed the book title from a crime thriller about someone eating the shooting someone maybe a miss placed word "leaves"...

But when you put the comma in, it becomes a book about a panda, eating shoots and leaves....

The power of a comma.

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