46: Friends, old mates and countrymen

Do One Thing Well with Phil Argent

16-12-2022 • 8 mins

Weird as it may seem but I left Facebook and Instagram for 3 weeks and hears what happened.

I wanted to know if they would miss me.

I don't think they are going away, but their appeal might.

But social media channels grow and contract, just like friends.

And growing and contracting is not a bad thing.

They say most people only really ever have 25 close friends, to add in one more, you have to lose one.

*They = experts btw

They also say that no room can function with more that 150 people in, more that that its a crowd. Dumbar Number btw.

And at this point I ask why is it that WhatsApp only allows 256 members to a group, it loses shape well before that number.

Anyway back to Facebook and Instagram, so what changed if anything.

I had more time, obvs.

I worried less about FOMO, obvs.

I didn't grab for my phone the moment I woke up, what a relief.

But and most importantly...

During this time the algorithm changed, what that my doing or are they changing things.... again.

What changed was the timeline, prioritised FRIENDS..... OMFG!

Facebook become what it was when it started.

A place to see what my friends were doing and in turn I would hope they could (if I posted) see what I was doing.... but I doubt that it works like that on my friends side..

But I can be optimistic... even tempted to post....

The question is, if I go back again, will it all revet to suggested posts and sponsorship....

#team #people #growth #argybargy


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