Worldwork Bonus: Coaching Circles & the power of community practice

Relationship Matters

26-07-2023 • 32 mins

In this episode, Katie is talking with Bill Donaldson, Doris Saouma, and Michella Welstead about ORSC Coaching Circles, a community-led Worldwork initiative. ORSC Coaching Circles are 100% led and run by a community of change agents from around the world. They embrace the RSI Principles and welcome all ORSC practitioners to fill a role and ultimately evolve the larger world system we are part of. Throughout this conversation, they discuss:

  • The inspiration behind ORSC coaching circles
  • How they work
  • Their high dream for the initiative
  • The importance of Worldwork

Getting in touch: ORSC Coaching Circles are open to those who've completed training on ORSC tools and would like to come together with others to experience and practice the tools in a safe and supportive environment.  To be added to the monthly announcements or find out more information, please click here or email

Bill Donaldson is a husband to Amy, father to Katie and Greg, and grandfather to Nathaniel, living in Charleston, SC. Bill is passionate about making people’s lives better through his leadership in Business Transformation and Team Coaching. He is passionate about women's allyship with a goal to impact 100K women to retain or re-join the STEM workforce. Bill is an ICF ACC certified coach and a Gold Tier #IamRemarkable facilitator.

Doris Saouma supports leaders and organizations in defining and living their legacy while building better workplaces, cultures, and countries. She works with leaders globally in various sectors, including private banks, central banks, consulting firms, hedge funds, sovereign funds, private equities, trading agencies, pharma companies, insurance companies, as well as governmental and non-governmental organizations. Her work experience ranges from supporting individual leaders in developing their leadership skills and upgrading their careers to accompanying teams in collaborating for higher impact.

Michella Welstead grew up in Australia and now calls the Netherlands home. She comes from a background in data management and data-driven transformation. Along the way, she’s seen firsthand how critical team dynamics are to organizational success. She now incorporates ORSC coaching tools in her work in agile transformations to help individuals, teams, and organizations unleash their creativity, embrace collaboration, and transition towards improved performance.

For over 20 years, CRR Global has accompanied leaders, teams, and practitioners on their journey to build stronger relationships by focusing on the relationship itself, not only the individuals occupying it. This leads to a community of changemakers around the world. Supported by a global network of Faculty and Partners, we connect, inspire, and equip change agents to shift systems, one relationship at a time

We believe Relationship Matters, from humanity to nature, to the larger whole.