Matt Harvey completes 4,200nm Tahiti to Sydney passage

Ocean Sailing Podcast

06-01-2022 • 1 hr 29 mins

We catch up with Matt Harvey on the challenge of flying 32 hours to Tahiti, to pick up a rookie crew and prepare to deliver his new yacht ‘Salt Lines’ to Sydney, Australia to join Ocean Sailing Expeditions. Salt Lines (originally John Laing), had been parked up for 2 years in Tahiti due to COVID-19. Matt’s challenge was to fly in, prepare the vessel for departure and sail non-stop to Sydney on a journey full of the challenges that come with sailing a vessel you have just purchased and are still getting to know.

Matt discuss the hurdles faced on arrival in Tahiti, the battle with the heat, the mammoth effort required to bring Salt Lines home and the upgrades and refits planned.

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