The Emotional Center: Riding the Wave with Brandi and Kyle

Well Designed: A Human Design Podcast

12-09-2023 • 47 mins

Let’s take a deep dive into the Emotional center in Human Design (also known as the Solar Plexus). In this episode we cover how both the defined and undefined/open emotional centers can show up in your life.

From being hyper at Disneyland to crying over seemingly nothing, we explore how to align with the sometimes intense energy this center can bring.

Here are the questions we answer in this episode:

  • (01:43) - What is the emotional center in Human Design?
  • (03:29) - How can you find on your Human Design chart if you have a defined, undefined or open emotional center?
  • (06:17) - What does it mean to have an undefined or open emotional center?
  • (09:25) - How can others condition you through this center?
  • (11:34) - Why does having an undefined emotional center give you more empathy?
  • (14:54) - How can you navigate difficult conversations and not avoid confrontation?
  • (21:56) - What's a good practice for checking in when you're feeling all the feels?
  • (22:48) - How can people with an undefined/open emotional center best help others?
  • (24:25) - What does it mean to have a defined emotional center?
  • (35:03) - How can you support a child with a defined emotional center?
  • (36:48) - How can you be a good role model as a defined emotional center being?
  • (38:24) - What are some helpful tools to align with your defined emotional center?
  • (40:46) - Can defined emotional center beings be spontaneous?
  • (43:16) - Is the emotional center a motor center?

Links to things we mention:

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