A Deep Dive Into The Sacral Center and Authority: How To Use This Powerful Center

Well Designed: A Human Design Podcast

31-10-2023 • 43 mins

In this episode we’re continuing our series on the Human Design centers with the Sacral center. This is such an important center for two reasons:

  1. It helps you understand how your energy works best - key for any solo or small business owner.
  2. And for some people it’s their authority - which means they can use it as a powerful resource to make decisions.

We cover how to find this center on your chart, how to know if it’s defined or undefined and what that means. We also share some practical tools for aligning with the sacral center that you can start using today.

So here it is, the Human Design Sacral center explained:

  • (00:00) - Preview: Trusting your gut
  • (01:22) - Welcome back to Well Designed
  • (03:21) - Where to find your sacral center on your Human Design chart and what it represents
  • (04:31) - What it means if your sacral center is shaded/coloured in (the defined sacral center)
  • (05:52) - What to watch out for if you have a defined sacral center
  • (09:04) - How you'll feel when you're in the wisdom of your defined sacral
  • (12:04) - Marker
  • (13:54) - The key: Learning to say no
  • (19:13) - The gift defined sacral centers can give others
  • (20:50) - How undefined and defined centers work together in teams
  • (21:59) - What does is mean to have your sacral center open or undefined
  • (24:20) - The shadow side of the open/undefined sacral center
  • (35:40) - Talking about being in your wisdom with an undefined/open sacral center
  • (38:43) - How you can use your signposts to stay in your wisdom

Links to things we mention:

At the start of the pod we mention 2 other episodes on centers that are also authorities. They are the Spleen center episode on the Emotional center episode.

We also mention a couple of other podcasts. Non-sacrals (those with an undefined or open sacral center) might enjoy fellow Projector Uma Girash’s podcast, Being Fully Me. Defined sacral beings might enjoy Jackie Murphy’s podcast, Yoga Boss.