From Broadway to Therapist: Navigating Energy as a Projector w/ Gina Velez (3/6 Splenic Projector)

Well Designed: A Human Design Podcast

11-10-2023 • 1 hr 5 mins

Today we have an amazing yoga coach and therapist-in-training for our guest. Gina Velez is a Human Design Projector with a Splenic (intuitive knowing) Authority.

After being diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome, Gina was fortunate to find a psychologist who introduced her to several integrative practices which in turn lead to her own career in the wellness industry.

We chat to her about bring a projector, working in the performing arts (as a non-sacral person), performing on social media, using your splenic authority for big decisions and more.

Here are the highlights:

  • (00:00) - WD014 - Gina Velez
  • (00:42) - Welcome to Episode 14 with our guest, Gina Velez
  • (02:29) - Finding wellbing practices through a Tourette's diagnosis
  • (08:12) - Why it's important as a projector to still be seen
  • (12:16) - Working in the performing arts as a projector
  • (14:55) - Seeing posting to social media as a performance
  • (20:06) - What are internal family systems?
  • (20:54) - A great example of waiting for the invitation and using your authority
  • (30:32) - How does the Ego show up in Human Design?
  • (34:47) - The craziness of having a 3/6 profile
  • (37:10) - Gina asks how does Saturn return show up in Human Design?
  • (40:57) - Acting as a Manifesting Generator when you're a Projector
  • (48:07) - Getting caught up in sacral energy (when you're non-sacral)
  • (51:58) - How do you manage your energy as a therapist?

Links to things we mention:
You can find out more about our guest Gina Velez on her Instagram, @theyogina, Tik Tok, @theyogina, her website, Yogina, and her podcast, Lean into Love.

Gina has Tourette Syndrome so I thought I’d link to this article if you’re unfamiliar with it.

Gina mentioned studying Internal Family Systems (IFS) and referred to Dick Schwartz’ book No Bad Parts and the movie Inside Out. Gina also has a podcast episode explaining this: LiL: 3 | Exciting News & IFS Therapy

We also gush over the TV show Shrinking and the doco Stutz (and Interstellar).

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