Give Yourself A Break: How Negative Self-Talk is Pulling You Out Of Alignment

Well Designed: A Human Design Podcast

26-09-2023 • 35 mins

We’re changing things up this episode to look at the Human Design types - in particular we’re looking at what each type tends to make themselves feel guilty for.

These feelings of guilt often don’t come from us but instead from the perceived expectations of those around us. The irony is that the guilt often holds us back from being in alignment and flow which actually leaves us less energy to fully support those around us.

Listen in as we cover what your negative self-talk might be and a perspective shift that might help you show up differently with more energy and more vibrance.

Here's what we cover this episode:

  • (00:00) - Intro to today's episode
  • (00:27) - How to deal with small talk as a Projector
  • (03:42) - Common ways we compare (and envy) other human design types
  • (05:53) - Why Projectors beat themselves up for feeling lazy (or not doing enough)
  • (09:53) - How Projectors can honour and embrace their need for rest (and why the world needs them to)
  • (11:14) - 'Who do you think you are?' The limited belief Manifestors may have
  • (13:20) - How to navigate feelings of guilt as a Manfestor
  • (15:33) - Why Reflectors worry about being high-maintenance (or as Brandi likes to say 'a bit precious'
  • (16:27) - Why being picky is so important for Reflectors
  • (20:18) - How Generators can fall into the people pleasing trap
  • (22:19) - Learning the skill of saying no as a Generator
  • (25:54) - Why Manifesting Generators can worry that they come off as flaky
  • (27:15) - How to embrace your multi-passionate, pivoting self as an MG
  • (31:25) - Some reminders for all of us when we're sending ourselves on a guilt trip

Links to things we mention: