The Ego Center: Exploring Willpower and Self-Worth in Human Design

Well Designed: A Human Design Podcast

26-03-2024 • 39 mins

How do you feel about the word: Ego? With popular books titled with Ego is the Enemy it makes you think that there is something bad or wrong about the ego.

Human Design has a different approach to ego and in today’s episode we’ll share what that is. The Ego Center influences our willpower, motivation, self-worth, and self-esteem. In our words, our passion.

Sometimes called the ‘Heart Center’, it’s definitely not a bad thing to have this defined. Here are some highlights from the episode:

  • How to find your Ego Center on your chart and whether it’s defined, undefined or open
  • How to harness the power of your ego center as a business owner or self-employed practitioner
  • What is means to have an Ego Authority and how that impacts your decision making

We hope you’ll enjoy this episode in our ongoing series on the Human Design centers!

❤️ BH & KW

Links to things we mention:

We mention a podcast from last season with our friend Mariah Hatch - a 4/6 Generator with a defined Ego Center.

We also mention the official book for Human Design called Human Design: The Definitive Book of Human Design, The Science of Differentiation.

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