How We Discovered Human Design (and why we went all in on it)

Well Designed: A Human Design Podcast

08-08-2023 • 34 mins

In this episode of the Well Designed podcast, Kyle Wood and Brandi Healy discuss their personal journeys of discovering and learning about Human Design. They share their experiences of how this system has impacted their personal lives and relationships, as well as their businesses.

Kyle and Brandi also discuss how Human Design is a useful tool for finding your own pathway to success. There's not just one way to achieve success, and that everyone operates differently in business. Human Design provides a framework to better understand oneself and others, and to find unique pathways to success.

  • (01:17) - We welcome you by talking about the weather. Apologies.
  • (03:18) - Today's topic: How we found Human Design
  • (04:20) - Kyle's first thoughts about Human Design
  • (05:58) - Generators speaking to efficiency appeals to me as a Projector
  • (09:05) - How Brandi first came across Human Design
  • (12:50) - How to know when to learn more about Human Design
  • (21:45) - The importance of supportive partners
  • (28:37) - The gift of understanding others' designs
  • (30:24) - How we met and the podcast began
  • (31:47) - Combining two people's charts
  • (33:17) - Farewells

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