When You Want To Burn It All Down: Gentle Reminders for Each Human Design Type in Business

Well Designed: A Human Design Podcast

20-11-2023 • 36 mins

Ever get the feeling that you want to just burn your wellness practice down and do something else?

We all get stuck in moments like this and in those moments Human Design can be really helpful. But as we go down the rabbit hole of HD we can get lost in the nitty gritty so today is a reminder of how knowing your type well can tell you a lot about where you might be off track.

In this episode we’ve included some gentle reminders for each Human Design Type to help you feel more in flow and alignment.

Enjoy the episode!

  • (00:42) - Party On Well Designers
  • (05:19) - Today's topic: Gentle reminders for each Human Design Type
  • (08:23) - Manifesting Generators: Walk your own path
  • (12:00) - Generators: Notice where your energy is taking you
  • (14:27) - Projectors: Trust that the invitations will come
  • (21:40) - Manifestors: It's okay to be weird
  • (29:03) - Reflectors: Ditch productivity for flow
  • (33:12) - Announcement for the Well Designed podcast

Links to things we mention:
We kick off the episode talking about Wayne’s World and VCRs which has nothing to do with Human Design but I thought I’d link to them for our younger listeners.

We also mention Mariah Hatch’s episode and I thought you might be interested in a couple other episodes we've recorded on type: