So, what might an alternative democracy look like? CITIZENS’ ASSEMBLIES

Untelevised: The Podcast

21-07-2021 • 1 hr 14 mins

In our continuing deep dive into democracy, this episode we’re exploring something called Citizens’ Assemblies.

Based on the principle that politicians should be replaced by everyday people and decisions made through deliberation rather than along party lines, Citizens’ Assemblies are the most direct form of democracy that we’ve looked at so far. But are they a viable alternative to governing society en-masse?

We’re joined by Valerie Brown of the Burning Pink Party to find out.

Learn - what is a Citizens’ Assembly? (4 mins 20 secs)

Discuss - Valerie Brown, Burning Pink Party (11 mins), find them on Twitter (Valerie)/ Twitter (Burning Pink); Facebook (Valerie)/ Facebook (Burning Pink); Instagram (Valerie)/ Instagram (Burning Pink); Website

Share - what can we all do? (1 hour 2 mins)

Things we mentioned:

Valerie Brown’s Mayoral Manifesto, Burning Pink Party Manifesto, Burning Pink Party Website, Join Burning Pink, Donate to Burning Pink, Donate to Valerie Brown, Digital tools for Citizens Assemblies (Research), Citizens Assembly Tracker (Involve), Extinction Rebellion Guide to Citizens’ Assemblies, Involve's Guide to Citizens’ Assemblies, "The Deliberate Rebellion" Documentary (Extinction Rebellion), Extinction Rebellion Website, DiEM25, Sortition Foundation,  What if we replaced politicians with randomly selected people? (Brett Hennig/ TED x)

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